Psalm 127:3 tells us "Behold, children are a gift of the Lord..." Here at EastPointe, God has given us an abundance of these "gifts". We love and cherish this vital responsibility. And all our ministries for children are really about ministering to families. Here are the primary opportunities for your family.

  • Awana       

    Awana Clubs meet on Thursday evenings at 6:25 at EastPointe. Clubs are offered for kids from age 2 through 6th grade. See below for Junior & Senior High. Click the logo to see descriptions of all our Awana Clubs.

  • AwanaYM is for young people in junior and senior high school. Join us on Tuesdays at 7PM at EastPointe. Click the logo for a more detailed description of all of our ministries for young people.

  • children's church

    Scripture indicates that “all who could listen with understanding” worshipped together (Neh. 8:2). So it is our desire that entire families are included and should be  involved in corporate worship together. And yet, not all families are not ready to practice this. Providing Children's Church gives parents a guideline to determine when to transition toward family worship. Contact Aaron & Chelsea Overman for more information.

  • Sunday SChool

    In Sunday School from cradle through elementary school we use Truth78 (formerly Children Desiring God) curriculum. Click the logo on the left for their excellent website or for more information please contact our Children's Sunday School Superintendent Stan Horton.

  • Nursery

    Our nursery staff are trained for excellence. We consider it a privilege to do more than merely provide childcare during services and events. In addition to normal care, each child will be prayed for each time they come. Contact the Gregory's for more information.

  • Each Summer we charter a full-sized coach to take our young people to Lake Ann Camp in Michigan. While there, our children and young people are challenged in a group setting to make biblical, life-changing decisions through unique learning experiences. Click the Lake Ann Logo to register online or here to request more information.

  • Homeschool Connect

    EastPointe Homeschool Connect (EHC) provides enrichment and support to homeschool families in an environment that will encourage our children's faith in Christ. EHC gathers to support, encouragement, and learn with and from one another by providing enrichment activities, field trips, and sharing of resources. As shepherds of our children's education, we will love, train, teach, correct, and encourage our children to become responsible Christ centered citizens, concerned for the needs of others while standing in Truth with a foundational relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. ​

  • Runners' Camp

    Runners' Camp is VBS on steroids! Each summer in June we offer this exciting day-camp For kids age 5 - 12. Runners' Camp teaches introductory track and field events and centers on the Word of God.